lampuuk beach

ImageLampuuk beach as well as characteristics of the beaches in Aceh, starting lengthwise, from north to south. In the past, before the tsunami occurred, at this beach is very crowded with vendors of fresh fish such as places to eat, offering to bake and bake the fish in order to be enjoyed by visitors to the beach. However, when this does not seem any place to eat like that anymore. As if left entirely together with fir tree hedge on the falling edge of the beach due to scour the tsunami.
However, very tip of the beach Lampuuk still leave a distinct exoticism bounded by high steep walls. Blue water green fluorescent nan, integrated with the blue sky and green trees on the hill was steep. A friend looked at terjalnya hill wall and mumbled the desire to climb. Surely it is also felt by the audience of the long wall when approaching this location.

Its beauty was hidden, was actually almost the same location with minutes to Lhok Nga, but the silence of this beach has to offer is a different attraction.

Here the visitor can not swim, vortex waves were too dangerous, many victims drowned trying to swim at this location. Made more appropriate place to enjoy the beautiful beaches and wild scenery.

As far as the eye could see, only the beauty of natural colors captured by the sense of sight. The sand was white sand, on several sides of the beach, sand as soft and white as the flour can be found. This beach is most fitting for the solitude, especially when the heart is troubled, with a look at its beauty, as if all the sorrow shed along with the wind blowing gently softened beaches.

Enjoying a quiet afternoon, carrying their own supplies highly recommended, be advised this is the only beach of the three beaches that discussed above, which does not offer any shop or stall that simple. Really only presents matchless beauty virgin.


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